martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

New Chat Session!

In Thrusday the 20th, we had another chat session with people from La Plata.
I spoke again with Camila, we tried using the microphone and the headphones but we couldn´t. So we had a conversation about school, friends, family, likes and dislikes.
She told me that she doesn´t like very much the school but she enjoys very much going out with friends and beeing with her family.
We talked about summer holidays, she told me that she went to San Bernardo every years, because her grandmother has a flat. She always goes with her family and two friends called Anita and Flor. They always stay in front of the beach, seeing the sea, the wales and she thinks it´s cool!.
The flat is ubicated one block from de Center, there they can go and when the sun comes down, they arrange a place and all together went to the Center. There they go to the Video Games, Restaurants, Discos, Shops, etc. After all, they come back to the flat and have a mini party. That sounds really fun!.
The last day at San Bernardo, Camila, her friends and family go to their favourite restaurant called " The Good Noodle", to celebrate the end of their holidays.

See you! Kisses

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  1. Camila does enjoy San Bernardo. It's a good place to go on holiday, speacially for families with teenagers. There are lots of things to do, just as she explained to you.

    Have you ever been there?


  2. Unfortunately not, but I´ll consider Camila´s descriptions and activities, maybe for next year with my family and some friends! Why not?